Monday, August 24, 2015

The Blurring of Business and Leisure Travel

The lines between business and leisure travel are becoming increasingly blurred. Fueled by the proliferation of mobile devices and the ability to stay connected, over half of business travelers now extend their business trips into leisure trips. This presents new opportunities for tourism and hospitality providers, but they need to configure their services to be flexible. This new article, written by Simon Hudson and published in Hotel Business Review, explains how hotels around the world are responding to this new generation of hyper-connected travelers who travel both for business and leisure. The full article can be found at:

Friday, August 14, 2015

SC tourism about more than beaches and golf!

It is true that SC is known for its pristine beaches and world class golf courses, but locals and tourists alike are beginning to recognize that SC has so much more to offer the visitor. Just following the 2nd Annual International Executive  Forum on Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship, co-hosted by USC, University of Aruba  and Armistad,  an article was published in the State Newspaper that recognizes these emerging opportunities in the tourism industry, especially the opportunity to rebuild SC's image with the removal of the confederate flag. The timing is right for positive change and ripe with the opportunities to build new tourism products in the state. For more, visit this link: