Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Capitalizing on Brexit’s Silver Lining

Simon Hudson was invited to present two Webinars last month. The audience of the first one on September 6 were members of UK’s UK Institute of Hospitality. Titled Capitalizing on Brexit’s Silver Lining, Simon talked about Brexit’s silver lining being that vacations in the UK just got a great deal cheaper, so the country is likely to receive more tourists. For Americans in particular, prices are nearly 30 percent lower than two years ago. But Americans often have very high expectations in terms of customer service and many UK companies just don’t understand the significance of customer service, despite the exhaustive literature that has made the connection between service excellence, satisfaction and loyalty – and therefore profits. So in the Webinar, Simon explained how to train employees to wow these customers in order to exceed their expectations.

The second webinar was part of MRWeek, the largest market research event in the world, put on by software company Quatrics. In that Webinar, broadcast on September 28, Simon presented seven trends that are shaping the world of tourism, and illustrated how research can help practitioners capitalize on these trends in order to exceed customer expectations. Those trends he labeled as 1) Engagement and connectivity; 2) Customization; 3) Social travel; 4) Virtual tourism; 5) Pop-culture tourism; 6) Physical and mental rejuvenation; and 7) Service excellence/