Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You’ve seen the film - now visit the set!

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered: “Where did they film that?” or thought: “I know that place - I’ve been there before.” Increasingly, movies and television shows are becoming a source of inspiration for travel. The phenomenon of Harry Potter – or ‘Pottermania’ - had huge domestic and international repercussions for tourism in the U.K. Likewise, Lord of the Rings was so successful for New Zealand that destination marketers branded the country as ‘Home of Middle Earth.’ To learn more about this fascinating topic, don’t miss next week’s Science CafĂ© feature presenter, Dr. Simon Hudson. Hudson is one of the world’s leading experts in film tourism, and in this informative, but entertaining presentation, he will explain the reasons behind the growth of the pop-culture phenomenon. He will show how some destinations – including the U.S – are working closely with the film industry to leverage the benefits of ‘destination placement’ – even to the extent of funding television shows and big-box movies to attract tourists. So join Dr. Hudson on October the 20th at 6pm in the relaxing atmosphere of the Speakeasy bar, located at 711 Saluda Avenue Columbia, SC 29205.  

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