Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coming Soon...

The second edition of Golf Tourism written by Simon & Louise Hudson will be out very shortly. Since the first edition of this widely acclaimed text the landscape of golf tourism has changed considerably. When the first edition was published, the worldwide recession was having a major impact on golf, and golf destinations around the world were suffering. But golf holidays are on the up again, with growth particularly strong in the emerging markets of Asia and the Middle East. A focus on family holidays has emerged, with an increased emphasis on the customization of vacations. Marketers are more inventive, packaging golf with wine, cycling, food and spas. Expectations have also increased in terms of customer service and value for money, and technology and social media have revolutionized both the decision-making process and booking procedures for golf holidays. Looking forward, one major event that could have a significant impact on the growth of golf participation, and thus golf tourism, is the game’s inclusion in the Olympic Games in 2016. A new case study in the book looks ahead to this event. Just as the first edition of this book did, the second edition of Golf Tourism colorfully illustrates the key issues, opportunities and future challenges that lie ahead for those in the golf industry. It contains 40 up-to-date case studies from all over the world, covering all sectors of the golf industry, the majority of the cases developed based on personal visits and in-depth interviews conducted by the authors.

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