Monday, June 1, 2015

Look for Winter Sport Tourism in September 2015

Simon Hudson has just submitted his latest manuscript to his publisher in London. The book, called Winter Sport Tourism: Working in Winter Wonderlands, will be published by Goodfellow in September. The new text will be of great interest to students, researchers, and practitioners – particularly those working in the ski industry. There are 12 chapters in the book, with each chapter following the theme of ‘working in winter wonderlands’ – telling the story of the industry through the eyes of those that shape it. Chapter 1 begins by plotting the evolution of winter sport tourism, Chapter 2 focuses on the winter sport tourism product and Chapter 3 is dedicated to understanding the consumer. Chapter 4 explores design and planning for winter sports resorts while Chapter 5 looks at management and operations, both on- and off-mountain, and is followed by Chapter 6 that is dedicated to marketing. Chapter 7 emphasizes the importance of public relations and media in the industry, and Chapter 8 focuses on the impact of technology on communications, operations, and clothing and equipment. Chapter 9 is dedicated to events in the winter sports industry looking at growth and different types, and the planning, marketing and leveraging of events. Chapter 10 is an important one, focusing on the economic, social and environmental impacts of winter sport tourism, and this is followed by Chapter 11 that discusses customer service and how destinations can develop a service culture. Finally, Chapter 12 looks towards the future for the ski industry, focusing on the key consumer trends influencing winter sport tourism. More information about the upcoming book can be found at:

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