Monday, July 28, 2014

Hotels add health to the menu

An increasing number of hotels are responding to growing global demand for health and wellness and are catering to the physical and psychological needs of guests while promising enhanced wellbeing – benefits that visitors can take home when the holiday is over. A far cry from more traditional vacations spent lounging on a beach or poolside chair. Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHC), for example, created EVEN Hotels after conducting research that found there are 17 million travelers who want hotels to accommodate their healthy lifestyle needs. Westin hotels also recently launched a Well-Being Movement and even Las Vegas’s MGM Hotel has Stay-Well rooms.

A recent article by Simon Hudson published in Hotel Business Review focuses on this trend and spotlights certain hotels around the world and the specific services they are providing for the growing number of health-conscious visitors. The full article can be found at:

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