Monday, July 21, 2014

Santee Cooper Research Uncovers Yet Another of South Carolina's Hidden Treasures

Beautiful sunset in Santee Cooper Country
Kayaking, motorized boating, fishing, geocaching, hiking, bird watching and golfing are just some of the outdoor activities available along the Blue ways of Santee Cooper Country. Through  a project supported by Santee Cooper, Santee Cooper Country and University of South Carolina, the SmartState Center researchers are conducting a study examining  the development of opening up the waterway for tourism all the way from Columbia down to Charleston. The study aims to assess the current resources and potential tourism attractions, conduct a comparative analysis of similar waterways, measure the interest and demand for tourism along the waterway and examine the attitudes for future tourism development among the key stakeholders in the region. Through this research project, the team has had the pleasure to discover more of South Carolina's bounty of natural resources!

Drs. Hudson and Cardenas at the lock

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