Monday, February 3, 2014

How can hotels convert customers into apostles?

I am working on an article for Hotel Business Review all about how hotels create Apostles – customers who have the highest satisfaction and loyalty scores. These guests are so satisfied that they want to convert others to share their experiences, and would not dream of staying anywhere else. I am in Utah right now trying to uncover the secrets to ‘creating’ such advocates, and the key seems to lie with customization. The leading hotels are making great efforts to customize the experience for guests to make them feel unique and to make them believe that the hotel has singled them out for special attention. Here at the Grand America in Salt Lake City, for example, all employees are empowered to make each guest’s stay exceptional and personalized. The Grand America also has a ‘Grand Ambassador’ whose role is to ensure that all repeat guests are recognized appropriately. “Our operating system will track all of our guest preferences, and our Ambassador then reviews all reservations and prepares for these requests,” says Director of Guest Experience, Annie Fitzgerald. “All of these things make the Grand America truly a home away from home and ensure the retention of our guests”. …… I would come back just for the afternoon tea and cakes!!

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