Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make it Personal for service that is "alta" this world!

Alta Ski Lodge, Utah

I am currently staying in Alta, a destination in Utah I have been trying to get to for many years (and it is certainly living up to expectations). There are plenty of loyal customers or ‘apostles’ staying here in the Alta Lodge – I just met three of them in the hot tub – Canadians who have been coming here for 35 years! CEO Marcus Dippo takes guest loyalty to heart, encouraging employees to make every effort to place an emphasis on personal attention from the time a guest arrives until he or she departs. He believes that making visitors feel like friends is one of niceties that keeps hotel guests returning to Alta Lodge. Joni Dykstra, Sales and Marketing Director for the lodge says that 70% of guests are returning visitors – a very high loyalty rate in this industry. “The lodge has one 88-year-old female guest who has been coming every year with her family, children and grandchildren since 1951.”  As guests leave, staff will ask them if they would like to reserve the same room for next year, and many of them do. “We will always personalize the stay if we can” says Joni. “For example, we knew a certain gentleman preferred a particular type of cognac – so we go it in for him for his next stay. Others may say why go to all the extra trouble – but it is why we are here – hospitality is what we do. Our employees also come back year after year, even though it is a seasonal business." 

I can see why – this is really a very special place.

Joni Dykstra, Sales and Marketing Director for Alta Lodge


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