Friday, June 3, 2016

USA eShop named South Carolina Small Business Exporter of the Year

An incubator company supported by our SmartState Center was recently awarded the Small Business Exporter of the Year for South Carolina. USA eShop is a global e-commerce website led by Jerry Smith and John Wilkinson (above).  Since it’s inception in 2012, it has carved out a niche market in the e-commerce business, selling quality American-made goods to European consumers. “Like all entrepreneurs, you have to be willing to take a risk," Smith stated in a feature for Cola Daily. That risk has paid off tremendously. USA eShop now operates a warehouse in Europe, out of which it sells products from over 125 small to mid-sized US manufacturers. USA eShop handles everything from export logistics and fulfillment operations to sales and customer service, simplifying the process for manufacturers that want to penetrate international markets. The SmartState Center partners with the USC/Columbia incubator to support the development and growth of innovative companies that show promise for creating jobs and economic benefits to the state of South Carolina. Wilkinson mentions how support from the Incubator has helped their company get to this point. “In terms of the physical space, the IT and all the support and programs they offer, they have been key to our success,” said Wilkinson. Read the full summary of the SBA awards from Cola Daily for more information about USA eShop and other awardees. 

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